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The 2018 International Fungi & Fibre Symposium


The 18th International Fungi Symposium was hosted in Oslo, Norway, 13th-19th August, 2018 . There were over 100 participants representing 14 countries spreading 3 continents. Despite the recent very hot dry weather, the daily forays managed to collect a reasonably good collection of fungi for identification.

As well as the usual Fungi and Lichen Workshops, there was a wide selection of other workshops ranging from 'Nahl Binding' ‘Brioche Knitting' and ‘Paper Making'. One of the most popular Workshops was "Water Colour Painting" using 'fungi pigments'. This inspired people who had never previously painted to ‘have a go' and produced the most amazing pieces of Art.

One of the most popular 'Workshops was Water Colour Painting‘ .

'Fungi for Material Futures'

Lecture by Dr. Ninela Ivanova

Dr. Ivanova has researched the relationship between wood and fungi. She states that there is a great unexplored potential, it is easy to grow 2 organisms, fungi and wood.

In collaboration with Sebastion Cox Carpenter/Furniture Designer who owns a small woodland where Goat Willow and Birch grow in abundance, they have been experimenting growing fungi on the above wood. Ivanova and Cox's shared vision of ‘made objects' ‘Through their combined expertise in Mycelium, Wood and design' they have worked on a collection of furniture, stools, light shades, etc.

Dr Ninela Ivanova Kingston University 2011-2016

The usual cultural day trip was to Fossklleiva Art Centre that housed the Berger Museum, which is based in the Fossklleiva Art Centre. It is a Textile Mill dating back to 1889 and closed down in the 1970's. A large amount of the machinery used in the Mill was exported from the North of England, along with many English families who worked in the Mill spinning, carding, and weaving.The men from these families  were very experienced in fitting the machinery and maintaining it.

The final evening was spent listening to local Musicians and enjoying a Norwegian Farewell Dinner.

The highlight of the evening being the announcement of the next Symposium which is to be in the USA in 2020!

article and photos submitted by Irene Taylder, Brighton & Hove TAG , East Grinstead and East Sussex Guilds




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This years IMDI Travel Grant was presented to Liza Johansson of Sweden!


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