Mushrooms for Color

January 7 - 12, 2008


MORDANT PAINTING with Mushroom Dyes - with Eleanor Adams and Lolli Jacobsen

In this workshop, we achieved multiple colors with one dyepot, by painting concentrated mordants - alum, tin, iron, copper, tannic acid, onto a silk scarf and/or a cotton hankerchief.  We set the mordants with heat, dipped our pieces into the provided dyepots and voilà - multiple colors from from the same mushroom on one piece of cloth!


Painting the mordants on the silk ...

Some of he silk scarves with their designs painted with mordants.


Many thanks for Symposium Mordant photos submitted by Betsy Samuelsen and Leslie Humphrey.




Click here for: A detailed History of Mushroom Dyes and the International Fungi & Fibre Symposia

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