Mushrooms for Color

January 7 - 12, 2008



In this workshop, 18 participants created a delightful assortment of bowls using wool roving and a center disc of bubble wrap, as well as lots of soapy water, elbow grease and good humor. 

The bowls are fun and easy to make, and
allow much leeway for creative expression.  Our bowls included wool dyed with Dermocybes, Phaeolus schweinitzii, Naematoloma fasciculare, Boletus edulis, and others. 

The workshop was led by Felicity Waterman, organized by Karen Inwood, and assisted by Laine Escola.

2) Create a Scarf of Felted Wool on Silk

A magic process happened with soap, hot water and agitation: wool fibers and silk fabric will become one. We each designed a 1 foot by 6 foot scarf.


FELTED SCARVES - with Julie Schleuder

1) Warm, Wooly, Wispy Wraps

We made a 1 foot by 6 foot hand felted scarf, which can be worn around the neck, head or waist. We used wool roving strips to create our designs with raw white wool, different shades of brown wool and of course mushroom dyed wool available for color embellishments.


FELTING FRAGMENTS to Dye For - with Janette McKeown




Many thanks for Symposium felting photos submitted by Karen Inwood, Betsy Samuelsen and Dorothy Smullen.




Click here for: A detailed History of Mushroom Dyes and the International Fungi & Fibre Symposia

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