The IMDI was created by Miriam C. Rice in 1985 to encourage the use of Fungal Pigments; to further research on their extraction and employment; to encourage research and cultivation of dye fungi; to financially assist artists and researchers to participate in the international symposia and exhibitions.

Back to where it all began - Mendocino County!

A workshop exploring the legacy of Miriam C. Rice's mushroom dyes... November 19-21, 2016

by Dorothy Beebee

Cortinarius smithii skeins drying - (Photo by Joy-Lily)


Cortinarius smithii
(Photo by Darvin DeShazer)

Phaeolus schweinitzii
This is the stage that this "Dyer's Polypore" has the highest concentration of dye pigment.
Phaeolus schweinitzii skeins drying. First dyebath left overnight in dye is on top row. "Afterbath" on next day is on the row below. (Photo by Cathi Love)
Pisolithus arhizus
(Photo by Myra Beebee)
Pisolithus arhizus dye
 (Photo by Anni Redding)
Pisolithus arhizus dyes
Cortinarius emerging! (Photo by Joy-Lily)
  Swirling the Skeins!
(Photo by Cathi Love)
mixed Sarcodon & Hydnellum species dyes
Omphalotus olivascens
Omphalotus olivascens dyes



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