In 1999, at the 9th International Fungus and Fiber Symposium held in H√łnefoss , Norway, the group of fiber artists as a whole decided to have a representative elected from each country present to serve on a loosely organized "Board". This "Board" would help "guide" the planning of future Symposia, help in choosing where they will be presented next, suggest topics for discussion at future Symposia, etc. The Delegates decided to call this "Board" the " INTERNATIONAL FUNGI AND FIBRE FEDERATION". Each Delegate would be in contact with Fungi and Fiber artisans in their own country, collecting suggestions to be presented at the next Symposium.

From Finland on the Arctic Circle,
to the southern tip of
Western Australia,

International Fungi & Fibre Symposia
have been held every 2 years.

The one in 2016 was held in beautiful British Columbia, and the next one in 2018 is planned to be in Oslo, NORWAY!




At the 14th IFFF Symposium in Sweden in 2010 it was decided to begin an IFFF Yearly Newsletter to keep us all in communicdation between Symposia. Representatives from each participating country would submit articles about the fungal fiber arts in their country, and it would be published here, on the IMDI Website, in PDF form, for easy printing, and also as individual pages for easy reading online.

Trisha Gow in Scotland now presents the most recent individual contributions from each country represented in the IFFF NEWSLETTER 2016  Enjoy!


(Articles from Newsletter # 1 are also available on their country's individual pages. All materials are covered by International Copyright by the contributors.)

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