18th International Fungi & Fibre Symposium

13 ~ 19 August, 2018 ~ Oslo, Norway

One of the most popular workshops was "Water Colour Painting" using 'Fungi Pigments' taught by Liza Johansson of Sweden. This inspired people who had never previously painted to ‘have a go' and produced the most amazing pieces of Art!
Liza Johansson was the recipient of the 2018 IMDI Symposium Travel Grant !

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that our dear friend Irene Taylder had recently passed away. Irene had attended all of the IFFF Symposia since 1983 in Scotland and was dearly loved and will be missed by all of our international family of fungi fiber artists!

All photos by Liza Johansson


At the 14th IFFF Symposium in Sweden in 2010 it was decided to begin an IFFF Yearly Newsletter to keep us all in communicdation between Symposia. Representatives from each participating country would submit articles about the fungal fiber arts in their country, and it would be published here, on the IMDI Website, in PDF form, for easy printing, and also as individual pages for easy reading online. Since there was only 1 contribution in 2017, (from Denmark), the text and photos are presented here on the IMDI website rather than as a PDF...

2017 International Fungi and Fibre Newsletter

News of the Danish dyeing group by Jytte Albertsen, Denmark

In December 2016 and January 2017 some in the group were experimenting with varying the concentration of mordants. We tried 4 different mordants : alum, tin, iron and copper. We did all the mordanting at room temperature for 24hours, and at 85C for 45 minutes. Starting with 10% and then going down to 0.5% ( except tin that started at 2% and came down to 0.5% ). The dyeing was done with Phaeolus schweinitzii in separate glass jars for each of the 10g yarn. The dyeing was done at 85C. I can send more details from the experiments if someone is interested, and I will bring the dyed yarn to Norway. It it difficult to explain the difference in colours in writing, better to see it and have it in your hands!


In April 2017 we had a workshop on the mushroom dyeing of cotton. Sagarika Devi
from India was the instructor of the workshop and we learned a lot. There were 16
people in the workshop and we dyed different kinds of cotton with 2 different
mushrooms : Cortinarius semisanguineus and Phaeolus schweinitzii. Thank you
Sagarika, it was great to have you living in Denmark, and have you take part in the
Danish activities.

In May 2017 we had a workshop in papermaking of polypores. Liza Johannson came down from Sweden, and we had some great days with her in Denmark. We had been collecting polypores all winter and dryed them so we had a lot. We gathered in Hornbæk in North Sealand and about 25 people participated. At the end of the day we all had some very nice  paper in different colours to take home. Thank you Liza. It was a great day.

In September 2017 the mushroom society had an exhibition in Rådvad, and the dyeing group demonstrated dyeing and papermaking and showed some of our mushroom dyed creations.
I hope to see all of you in Norway in August 2018!


Memories of Janette McKeown , by Marilyn Caddell, Scotland

Sadly we have only recently learned that Janette died a few months ago. Many of you will remember her and her daughter, Eleanor, in a wheelchair. Janette was widowed many years ago and as she put her son through agricultural college she asked Eleanor what she would like to do. “Go round the world in 80 days” Eleanor replied. Well, it took rather more than that, but the two of them travelled extensively to many countries, including most of the fungi symposia venues since the Scottish one in 1993.

Janette & Eleanor

Janette is second from the left in the front row of the photo

Janette (far right) was a very talented needlewoman, spinner, weaver, felter and also a
judge of floral art. My favourite memory of Janette is of an afternoon spent with Janette and two other ladies also in their 80’s. Just listening to them talking was magic! Janette was wonderful friend and I will miss her.



Trisha Gow in Scotland presented the IFFF NEWSLETTER 2016  with individual contributions from many countries represented in the IFFF.


(Articles from Newsletter # 1 are also available on their country's individual pages. All materials are covered by International Copyright by the contributors.)

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