The IMDI was created by Miriam C. Rice in 1985 to encourage the use of Fungal Pigments; to further research on their extraction and employment; to encourage research and cultivation of dye fungi; to financially assist artists and researchers to participate in the international symposia and exhibitions.

Read about Miriam C. Rice, the mother of mushroom dyes, and rediscover her remarkable history and artwork!

" Miriam's door was always open to her ever-widening circle of friends of all ages. Artists and seekers, poets and writers, environmentalists and leftists found stimulating conversation and a smorgasbord of experimental culinary treats at her table. She was an intelligent, inquiring earth sprite and creative alchemist with a pot bubbling on the back of the stove at all times." (by Felicia Rice)



The SOMA Fiber Arts program was introduced by Miriam C. Rice at the very first SOMA Camp held at the old soccer camp in Mendocino County in 1998. Miriam shared her groundbreaking research in creating natural dyes from mushrooms with fascinated campers!

In 1999, Miriam introduced" Papermaking with Polypores " to complement the mushoom dyes at the 1999 SOMA Camp held At "Wellsprings" in Philo, CA.

"Making Myco-Stix'' (wax crayons with fungal pigments) were taught by Miriam at SOMA Camp held at the Boys Scout Camp in Navarro, CA in 2004 (or was it 2005?) . So now we had mushroom "myco-stix' to draw on our "polypore paper!

Over succeeding years of SOMA Camp, some of Miriam's former fiber students and assistants took on the teaching of workshops in fungal fiber arts, adding classes in felting, eco-printing, Shibori, basket weaving, lichen dyeing, and more. Some of the photo memories of those classes may be viewed here:

SOMA Camp 2009

SOMA Camp 2011

Here are some photos from a few of the Fiber Arts Workshops at 2020 SOMA Wild Mushroom Camp held on January 18,19, & 20th using fibers dyed with mushrooms!

Photos by Melanie Perkins and Gayle Still

P O L Y P O R E    P A P E R M A K I N G

(Papermaking & Needle-felting photos by Marilyn Horner)

N E E D L E - F E L T I N G

W A T E R C O L O R   J O U R N A L I N G


International Fungi & Fibre Newsletter 2019

In this newsletter we have contributions and images from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Scotland, Spain, Sweden and the USA. We hope you enjoy reading about our fungi fun and exploration!


2020 Fungi and Fibre Symposium!

When: Monday, October 19 to Sunday, October 25, 2020
Registration opens January 2, 2020 

Where: Fort Worden State Park
Port Townsend, Washington, USA

Please mark you calendars and follow the link to read more, get acquainted with our planning team, register for our newsletter, and to make suggestions and volunteer.

We are aiming to have the registration details, cost and numbers available in September.
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The IMDI mounted an exhibition at the Ford House in Mendocino, CA, celebrating the landmark research of Miriam C. Rice in fungal fiber arts!
IMDI menbers Nancy Denison and Dorothy Beebee at mushroom dye display in Ford House (Photos by Jill Surdzial)

The exhibit is part of a Mycology display presented by the exciting new Mendocino Coast Mushroom Club recently formed in Mendocino County, CA and will be on view throughout November and December 2019!





Proceeds from the sale of this video will benefit the travel grant program of the The International Mushroom Dye Institute (IMDI), to financially assist fiber/fungi artists and researchers to participate in future International Fungi & Fibre Symposia!

The 2018 IMDI Travel Grant was presented to Liza Johansson of Sweden!


Miriam C. Rice's amazing book,
"Mushrooms for Dyes, Paper, Pigments
& Myco-Stix"

long out of print, has just been reprinted by the IMDI, and is now available to order directly from Fungi Perfecti

They say the apple does not fall far from the tree!

Check out Myra Beebee's many colorful experiments with natural dyes and mushrooms at:



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